The Dark Future of Gaming

We very well may be on the Darkest Timeline. Gaming isn’t what it used to be. Slowly over time, Gaming has been twisted and contorted. We are on the edge of complete loss. Gaming needs a trend reversal. Gamers need someone in their corner. Today, we’re finally talking about the Elephant in Gaming.

Player Monetization

This is what you are to a AAA Game Studio CEO. A Cash Cow!

What is Player Monetization? Well, we know what ‘Player’ means. You! Monetization means, “The process of converting something into Money”.

This is Activision’s expectation of you:

We had three franchises generate over $1B in net bookings in 2020, and we are on a clear path to further increase their growth engagement and monetization.

AAA Game Studios aren’t slowing down. They are continuing their Strategies into this year. They’ll use their Performance Metrics to see the specific trigger that made you spend that money In Game. How are they getting you to spend money?

On top of a $60 or now even $70 price tag with “next-gen”, these are the ways Companies are “increasing their growth engagement and monetization”:

Season Passes
Loot Boxes
Battle Passes
In Game Ads
Expansion Passes
In Game Purchases

Gaming used to be: “Go find this Epic Item!” Now its: “That’ll be $5.99, and here is an In Game Ad!”

These aren’t even all of the ways they get you to spend money. ANY Mobile Gamer can attest to Time Gates and Paywalls. Its just a matter of time before they enter Console and PC Gaming. They’ve already tested the Market in some Games. They see it’s working in the Mobile Market. Right now, they are trying to find a way for it to creep into Console and PC Gaming. All CEOs can talk about is Performance Metrics, and Growth. I bet most CEOs can’t even tell you the Name’s of all their Games.

We need a trend reversal. Players need someone in their Corner. Players need someone they can trust. Players need someone to show these AAA Game Studio that we aren’t Cash Cows. You can’t continually cut things out of our Games, and then push Microtransactions down our throats. We don’t have to be treated like this. Gamers deserve better. Developers deserve better.

The Answer is simple:

Gravity Collision

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