Did you even think about what happens when the Servers get turned off? r/Showerthoughts/

We had a 2 AM Discussion with a few Members of a Popular YouTuber’s Discord Community. These Members had a lot of criticism towards a Project that is aiming to change Gaming. Nevertheless, one of their main arguments was:

What is the use case for sNFTs in a Video Game?

When trying to turn a Trillion Dollar Industry into a Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry, that Industry needs one particular thing, Developers.

There aren’t enough Developers to go around in the Cryptocurrency space. So little in fact, that the Average Salary for these Developers range from $250,000 to $1,300,000 Million! Developers are…

We very well may be on the Darkest Timeline. Gaming isn’t what it used to be. Slowly over time, Gaming has been twisted and contorted. We are on the edge of complete loss. Gaming needs a trend reversal. Gamers need someone in their corner. …

We will tell the best Stories

CGUM & our approach to Story Telling is a Deadly combination.

The way Stories are currently told are Linear. Even Stories that are supposed to be Dynamic tend to bring you back to the same result or place, making the choices you made completely pointless. Game Developers these days tend…

Games that are labeled as Free to Play, usually cater to one particular type of Audience.


Photo by cottonbro

Whales are great for Game Companies! They bring in a bunch of money for the Developers. The also hurt Gamers who aren’t able to spend $10,000 on a Game. To incentivize these Whales…

Gravity Collision

We are an open development, community directed, and morally driven Videogame Development Studio. High quality games, without the sacrifice.

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